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Acorn Montessori is an early childhood, independent Montessori School for children ages 12 months through Grade 6. Each classroom is led by a Montessori-certified teacher, supported by assistant teachers.


18 Months – 3 Years

A child’s Montessori education begins in the prepared environment of the Toddler House that is uniquely designed as an extension of the home.

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3 Years – Kindergarten

Beginning at age 3, children work individually and cooperatively with materials that engage their curiosity, while having the freedom to explore and to observe.

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Grade 1 – Grade 6

Acorn’s Elementary Program explores everything from the microscopic to the cosmic and allows the child to discover the interrelatedness of all things.

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Summer Programs

Look forward to Summer 2024!

Join us at Acorn for a summer full of adventure! Available for all students in our three age groups. Please click below for more information on our engaging summer programs.

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I think the Montessori approach in general provides tremendous benefits in many areas…

“We have two daughters that have been at the school for the last 4 years. They’ll both be returning in the fall as first and third graders. I can’t say enough about what the school has done for them, particularly my older daughter. She was a late talker, which impacted her social skills and self esteem. We have seen such a dramatic change in her since she’s been at Acorn. Her confidence level is through the roof. The Montessori approach is great in that the students learn from each other and take on a mentoring role when they are the senior members of their class. The academic program at Acorn is also very strong. Both of my daughters were reading and writing after attending Kindergarten and have developed very strong math skills for their ages. I can’t speak to the other Montessori schools in the area, although we did look at all three before picking Acorn. I think the Montessori approach in general provides tremendous benefits in many areas, so it’s definitely something parents should consider when looking at preschools.”

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