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As an independent school, Acorn Montessori School depends on contributions of time, talent, and treasure from all members of the School community.  Fundraising and "friend-raising" activities that are held throughout the year help to strengthen ties and raise Acorn's visibility within New Jersey, while also raising essential funds to support and enrich Acorn Montessori School's distinctive, effective, and well-established educational program.

Acorn Montessori School is considered an "independent " school because it runs independently of any local school boards, and instead, is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of parents, parents of graduates, and community members who are friends of Acorn Montessori School. Like most independent school, the tuition that Acorn Montessori School parents pay covers only about 75% of the cost of educating each student.  The Board of Trustees purposely sets tuition below actual cost in order to maintain a fee that is competitive and affordable to a larger number of families.  As a result, the School must depend on our sources of income, namely charitable contributions from Trustees, parents, friends, foundations, and corporations to meet all operating expenses.



Hari Bhasin

"Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation." Maria Montessori ...

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