Experience the Difference: Schedule Your Personal Tour

There is a vast difference between a traditional education and an education informed by the Montessori Method. One of the best ways for parents to understand these differences is by scheduling a tour of the school.

Our tours are one on one and typically takes about one hour. You will have the opportunity to see our beautiful 5 acre campus and experience our exceptional program. Here is what you can expect on your tour:

  • You will be taken into age appropriate classrooms where you can see the physical layout of the environment, the Montessori Materials in use, and the natural interactions between the children and teachers.
  • You will learn about the Montessori philosophy and how it is embraced at Acorn.
  • Every tour is individually customized so there will be plenty of time to discuss points related to your specific family's needs.

There are a few different ways to schedule a tour.



Teresa Garrett

"These words reveal the child's inner needs, 'Help me do it alone'." Maria Montessori ...

Meet Our Teachers

"It was so important that we find a place that would care for him the way that we would..."

"The teachers were amazing; the depth of their commitment and their patience were so apparent.

"The Montessori classroom focuses on self-initiated learning & allows each child to excel at their own pace."