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Please feel free to call the Acorn office at 908-730-8986 at any time.

Fax: 908-730-6797

Beverly Smith, Head of School
Email: bsmith@acornschool.org
Phone: 908-730-8986, Ext. 45

Barbara Pawlick, Assistant Head of School
Email: bpawlick@acornschool.org
Phone: 908-730-8986, Ext. 10

Meg Pfingst, Director of Admissions
Email: mpfingst@acornschool.org
Phone: 908-730-8986, Ext. 17

Anne Tevebaugh, Finance Office
Email: finance@acornschool.org
Phone: 908-730-8986, Ext. 38

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Tricia Telmosse

"The child can develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences 'work'." Maria Montessori...

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