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"Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation." Maria Montessori ...

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Meg Pfingst

For Meg Pfingst, teaching is beyond a profession, it is a personal experience that she finds deeply rewarding every day. Her students become a part of her heart from the first day they walk into the classroom. She feels complete excitement and joy when she sees a child learning something new. Meg enjoys the sense of community, and believes that both the staff and parent body are passionate about providing a loving, nurturing environment where the children can grow their minds, bodies, and sense of self in a setting that truly helps the child to love learning. She wants the toddlers that are in her class to develop the confidence to try new experiences, since they are being given the opportunity to be independent with the safety net of a caring adult at their side—which young children need as they enter the big world ahead of them.

Meg is very much involved in her two boys’ activities, including taekwando, baseball and other team sports. The family also enjoys water skiing, camping, hiking, and skiing together. When Meg does get a little “me” time, she enjoys yoga and gardening.