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Hari Bhasin

"Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation." Maria Montessori ...

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Ingrid Periz

Ingrid’s first experience in working with children was assisting in a children’s gardening group, which she did for seven years. She was a Montessori parent, and decided to become a teacher so that she could step into the classroom and experience it for herself. She is now an intern, learning from two teachers that she describes as “very gifted.” She feels that the individual “houses” nestled into an idyllic setting make Acorn a very special place, and is amazed by the continuing experience of wonder in the children. She has only been at Acorn for a short time, but she has connected with the students through nature and sharing her interest in bugs and plants with them.

In addition to her passion for gardening, Ingrid also loves to cook.