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Hari Bhasin

"Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation." Maria Montessori ...

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Danielle Casillo

Danielle discovered Montessori quite by accident!  When she was hired as a part time substitute in a Montessori classroom, right out of college, she was astonished at how the children functioned so independently in their classroom.  She also fell in love with the method of individual, self-directed learning – it just seemed “right”. Danielle immediately felt drawn to working with toddlers. She has a fascination with learning about brain function and development, especially research involving comparisons of Maria Montessori’s work and present day discoveries.  Danielle enjoys helping children learn to be independent and confident in their abilities. She also finds the beautifully designed didactic materials to be awe inspiring.

Danielle spends most of her free time with her family, taking my children to "the river" at Ken Lockwood Gorge, playgrounds or the library. She loves to practice yoga, cook healthy meals for her family, read, and is teaching herself to sew.